Skill bank challenge 13 - Make Ganpati bappa's rangoli

Skill bank challenge
Challenge from - Soniyaveera Gavandi

Challenge to - Riddhiveera Sawardekar

Challenge :

Make Ganpati bappa's rangoli. गणपतीची रांगोळी काढा.

Rangoli isn't my strong suit! For every Diwali I had this handful of designs that I would draw.This skill bank challenge helped me to explore and expand my rangoli skills.

As soon as Soniyaveera alloted this challenge,I was excited as I was building upon some vague thoughts on how I was going to proceed with it. Ambdanya to Reshmaveera for suggesting a definitive roop of Bappa, "The Balganesh".

Thus by the grace of Dad and Mothiaai I could finish this challenge within 2 and a half hours.
The joy of drawing Bappa's image is inexplicable.Its all Dad's grace!

Also, Ambadnya for this beautiful initiative of skill bank challenge!It undoubtedly helps shraddhavans to hone their skills while staying in devotion sentience!Be it a drawing,digital or paperwork,poems or blogs!
Every skill can be learned and polished here with his grace!